Exceptional residential studio in Morin Heights, Quebec

Culmination of a reflexion spawning several years regarding the most recent headways made in modern construction techniques, the brothers Grand’s new recording studio can be can be summarized in a few words: conviviality, modernism and superb acoustics.

Lots of space. Height of the ceiling is 6 meters (20 feet), radiant floors, situated on a private wooded lot near all amenities (grocery store, SAQ, spas, ski) and with adjoining living area in the main house. All this equals to the perfect place where many people can work at ease.

One of the most prominent features of the brothers Grand’s personal studio is the exceptionally warm and precise acoustics. Issued from german engineered technology, the walls of the studio are made of building blocks composed of a special wood fiber composite resulting in a very high recording definition and separation between instruments.

Acquired through the years, the recording arsenal is worthy of note. Some examples are the vintage custom-made preamps; API, Langevin, Northern Electric, RCA, Ward Beck; the iconic compressors made by Neve, UREI and Alan Smart and a range of superb microphones including two Telefunken U48 and a Korby Kat 5 system.

Lastly, all of this is recorded through world-class hi-definition Analog/Digital converters made by IZ in Vancouver, BC. (Recording software: Digital Performer 9)

The studio is operational since January 2014!

Please message us for more info, hourly minimum, and day rates.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: PERIPHERALS 6 X LANGEVIN AM16 preamps 2 X CUSTOM API preamps (JENSEN x-formers) 2 X RCA BA11a tube preamps 2 X NORTHERN ELECTRIC tube preamps 2 X NORTHERN ELECTRIC tube preamps + serial opto comp custom made 2 X WARD BECK M124 preamp 1 X ALTEC preamp 5 X 1 mixer class A 1 X ELECTROVOX tube preamps 2 X UREI 1176LN BLACK FACE revD 1 X RETRO STA-LEVEL 2 X DBX 160x vintage 2 X NEVE 2254 E 1 X ALLAN SMART C2 stereo comp 1 X BSS DPR 404 quad comp/de-esser 1 X BSS DPR 402 stereo comp/de-esser 1 X 480L LEXICON (in the shop for maintenance) 1 X DSP 4000 EVENTIDE 1 X R7 SONY 1 X M 2000 TC ELECTRONIC 1 X FIREWORX TC ELECTRONIC 1 X MUR-201 SONY 1 X SE70 BOSS PRO 1 X SPACE ECHO ROLAND 1 X MASTER ROOM (spring reverb) 1 X POD XT-PRO 24bit 96Khz MASTER RECORDING 1 X STUDER A80RC ¼” (mixdown or reamp) 1 X DIGITAL PERFORMER 9 1 X IZ ADA 24 channels AD/DA (96Khz) 1 X EUPHONIX FC 726 (MADI to AES, Spdif ans ADAT converter with sample rate conversion) MICROPHONES 2 X U48M TELEFUNKEN (matching pair) 1 X KORBY KAT5 (251,67, C12, U47, C800G) 2 X 414 TLII AKG 3 X C535P SONY 4 X SM 57 SHURE 2 X SM 7b SHURE 1 X UMT 800 MICROTEC GEFELL 2 X M300 MICROTEC GEFELL 1 X M500 BEYERDYNAMIC 2 X BK5A RCA 2 X 4038 COLES (matching pair) 3 X PL-10 ELECTROVOICE (baby RE20) 1 X BPM CR10 + some cool oldies microphones 1 X RADIAL JDV direct box with impedance drag 1 X BSS AR116 active direct box 1 X EAR LOGIX DB1 passive direct box with JENSEN x-former MONITORING 2 X SPENDOR SA-500 8 X BEYER DYNAMIC DT-250 1 X QMIX Headphone mixer (5 headphones with 2 aux injection) 2 X additional headphone mixes INSTRUMENTS 1 X PLEYEL 7’ grand piano 1911 1 X LUDWIG and Sons upright grand piano 1940s 1 X WURLIZER electric piano 1 X HAMMOND A100 (B3+ internal speaker and tube reverb) 1 X LESLIE 145 cabinet 1 X YAMAHA YC45D combo organ 1 X MINIMOOG vintage 1 X SOLINA STRING ENSEMBLE 1 X HOHNER D6 clavinet 1 X SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS PROPHET 5 1 X WALDORF MICROWAVE XT 1 X INDIAN HARMONIUM 1 X STUDIO 49 chromatic GLOCKENSPIEL 1 X STAR drumset (60s era prior to TAMA) 4 X Various snare drums 1 X 28” marching BASS DRUM 1 X UPRIGHT BASS (german made, 50s) 1 X FENDER PRECISION 1972 1 X FENDER JAZZ 1971 1 X MUSIC MAN STRINGRAY 1978 1 X RICKENBACKER 4001 1976 1 X BALDWIN (BURNS) VIBRASLAP BASS 1 X G&L L2500 1 X MICROBASS GT travel bass silicone strings 1 X GIBSON EB3 1978 1 X GIBSON LES PAUL DELUXE PRO 1981 1 X GRETSCH CHET ATKINS circa 1972 1 X HAGSTROM SWEDE 1978 1 X FRAMUS TELECASTER circa 1968 1 X FERNANDES STRATOCASTER with sustainer pickup 1 X LADO CONDOR super rare electric guitar 1 X AUTOHARP vintage with pickup 1 X MARTIN D35 1971 1 X HARMONY acoustic guitar (60s) 1 X HARMONY parlor guitar (custom top 1910s) 1 X DESROCHERS dreadnought acoustic 1 X ARIA A555 classical guitar (1960s Nashville tuning) 1 X MANDOLIN (1920s) 1 X OUD 1 X CHARANGO 1 X HOFNER RG-SPIDER resonator guitar 1 X HIWATT CUSTOM 50 1981 1X12 combo amp 1 X AMPEG V4B head 1 X AMPEG 4X12 cabinet (1970s) 1 X TRAYNOR BASSMASTER head (1970s) 1 X KAY K505 combo amp 1 X GIBSON DICOVERER TREMOLO combo amp 1 X SEYMOUR DUNCAN 84/40 combo amp 1 X UNIVOX STAGE 25 solid state combo amp Various guitar and bass pedals. Various percussion instruments: darbukas, req, frame drum, bendirs, shakers, djembes, udu etc.
Amenities: Lodging available (additional fee). Ski, cycling, spas, and everything you need
Listing created May 5, 2015