Pilot Recording Studios

Pilot Recording Studios was founded in 1992 by chief engineer and producer, Will Schillinger. Originally located in New York City, Pilot relocated to the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts in 2007. In addition to a beautiful secluded studio with amazing views,

With a host of staff engineers and producers including Will Schillinger , and others. Pilot offers the state-of–the–art in analog and digital recording. Pilot has been the site of sessions ranging from major record label music production, singer/songwriters. film scoring to a host of other multimedia applications.

Pilot has earned a reputation for recording outstanding sounds from basics to the most involved multiformat productions. We are known for our amazing drum and guitar collections with over thirty-five of each as well as our collections of other vintage instruments, amplifiers and microphones. Pilot has no shortage of great instruments and sounds.

Pilot Recording Studios derives its name from Schillinger’s love of flying, a passion second only to audio and recording. The kind of precision, attention to detail and reliability that are critical to aviation are amply evident in Pilot’s recording standards and high caliber of maintenance.

We cordially invite you to contact us regarding booking or a personal tour of the facility. In the meantime, please peruse our website and become acquainted with the many possibilities Pilot Recording Studios has to offer your project.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: SSL 4080 G+ 48 Analog Protools11 Tons of gear and mics
Amenities: Amazing space in the Berkshires.
Past Clients: Too many to list
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