The SoulMates Studios Vallromanes

Welcome to The SoulMates Studio Vallromanes

Come, enjoy and record .

Top quality microphones, mic preamps and top recording gear coupled with an incredible SSL audio console style and a Steinway & Sons M-170 stage piano , great back-line instruments and guitar Amps including a Fender rhodes 73, great sounding live rooms all add up to a superb recording experience.

In relaxed and comfortable surroundings, you can do what you go there to do.. play and record good music without distractions. Being such kind and professional people and in a charming and subtle way,

One double bedroom , one for two people and one four people room available . Full kitchen, internet, tv, video games.

Do you want recording at night time?

No problem.

Swimming pool, full garden bar and BBQ.

2000squaremeters of gardens

Located 20min from Barcelona city

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: Mic preamps: 2x Millennia HV-3c 1x Millennia TD-1 2x AEA Rtp The ribbon mic pre 1x Red 47 vintage TUbe valve mic pre 2x Universal Audio 610 tube mic pr Mixer: SSL 24 channels of high quality SSL A-D/D-A conversion which can operate at up to 96kHz Protools 10 OS X UAD plugins Including Manley's and Ampex tape machine for mastering . Mics 4 schoeps càrdioide, hipercardioide y omni 2 Oktava vintage small condenser 2 coles 4038 mached pair 1 AEA R-84 1 Reslo ribbon mic vintage 2 AKG 414 mached pair 1 Neuman U-47 Valve mic big condenser 1 Electrovoice RE-20 3 sennheiser md 441 vintage 3 sennheiser md 421 1 AKG D-112 4 shure 57,s 1 SD systems trumpet mic 1 SD systems sax mic
Amenities: Pool, rooms, gardens, full kitchen, internet, video games, tv
Listing created Sep 26, 2017