The Panhandle House in Denton TX

We call ourselves a “boutique” recording studio because we provide the sonics and amenities of a large multi-room studio facility and deliver the attention to detail and cozy vibe one would only expect to find in a dedicated project studio. Think of it this way: It’s just like recording in your buddy’s living room, only your buddy’s house is a purpose built 6,000 sq ft. facility with excellent acoustics, a Neve 8058 (!) console and a legit collection of amazing microphones and outboard gear.

We work on projects of every size, from one off radio singles to EP releases and of course full scale album productions. We have one of the best tracking rooms in Texas. Folks come in just to capture the drum sound that only the Neve and our big room can deliver and finish up their project elsewhere. Need a stellar mix? Artists often bring in their projects recorded at home for the glue and polish that only transformers and moving electrons (and a great mix engineer) can deliver. In every case, our priorities remain the same: achieving no compromise sound quality while creating an organized and inspiring environment in which the artist can relax and create.

Founded by producer / engineer Erik Herbst in 1997, The Panhandle House has become the top recording facility in North Texas. The Panhandle House focuses principally on music production for the established independent or label artist. Happily serving Grammy winning and grass roots artists alike, our clients come from all over the greater Texas and Southwest region for our sounds and unique production environment.

Although we record digitally to Pro Tools to take advantage of its superior editing capabilities, the key to the sound we record is firmly rooted in the analog world. Our unique live room is asymmetrical, faced with cedar and rich in diffusing elements which allow acoustic instruments to breathe. Our signal path is simple, utilizing quality microphones and Neve Class A or other outboard preamps feeding directly into quality converters.

We mix through our Neve 8058, a vintage, all discrete analog console, not “in the box,” relying heavily on discrete and tube based outboard analog compressors and equalizers, not digital plug-ins. In fact, there is not a single IC in our console. It was entirely hand built in 1976, and has been beautifully maintained, and fully recapped. Most recently ultrasonically cleaned in 2013. We also realize that modern music production requires the tools only found in advanced DAWs. We choose Pro Tools HDX with 64-channels of AVID converters.

8 hr Day Rate $750.00 (Engineer Included)

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Services Available :
Audio Engineer Included
Audio Engineer (Additional Fee)
Other Services
Main Equipment: Vintage Neve 8058 Console, Vintage Neumann U-47, Yamaha Conservatory C6 6′ 11″ Grand Piano
Amenities: Lounge, Kitchen Area
Past Clients: The Eagles, Norah Jones, Blake Shelton, Snarky Puppy, Eli Young Band, Josh Abbott Band
Listing created Aug 23, 2017