AudioStyles ATX (A Hill Country Recording Retreat)

AudioStyles is a full-service recording and mixing studio in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. The concept is to be in a creative place secluded from distractions where we don't watch the clock and you are free to create in a nurturing environment. Everything works and is easily accessible. The centerpiece is an amazingly well-maintained Trident Series 80 32 channel console. We offer digital recording via ProTools HDX as well as analog 24 track Otari MX80 2" tape integrated seamlessly into the console. Also available for use are over 14 different top-of-the-line guitars and basses and a 1908 Steinway B grand piano. Ayotte drums and a Hammond B3000 organ with Leslie round out the vintage vibe. Sleeping arrangements for up to 5. Engineer included. This is a standalone building on my home property which has access to 1.5 miles of hiking trails on ten acres. Two miles away is the world famous Hamilton Pool natural grotto swimming hole for some R&R. Kitchen, bathroom w/shower, and sleeping quarters in the studio. Large tracking room and small iso room, Large control room.

Console: Trident Series 80 32 channel

Recorders: ProTools HDX 16 I/O, Otari MX80 24 track, MCI JH110 2 track

Monitors: Dynaudio BM6, Yamaha NS10

Outboard Pres: 2 api 312, 2 UA 610

Dynamics: 2 WA76 comps, 1 UA 1176 comp, JDK 2 channel Comp, spectrasonics 610 comp

Mics: Neumann u87, AKG 414 (pair), SM7, RE20, Rode NT5 (pair), sure sm81 (pair), sm57s & 57s, Sennheiser 602, AKG d112, various others....

Guitars: Gibson Les Paul, 335, Special, SG, gospel acoustic, thunderbird bass, Fender Strat, Jazzmaster, 2 teles, jazz bass, Epiphone 295, Rickenbacker 330, various others..

Amps: Vox ac30, ac15, Mockingbird custom, Hiwatt lead 100, Marshall class 5, Roland JC120, Traynor valve 40, Acoustic 150 bass amp, various others..

Keyboards: 1908 Steinway B Grand Piano, Hammond b3000 Organ w/Leslie

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Main Equipment: Trident Series 80, Otari MX80, 1908 Steinway B, neumann, AKG
Amenities: Kitchen, bathroom, shower, sleeping accommodations for 5, hiking trails on property, iconic texas swimming holes nearby
Past Clients: Maren Morris, Garrett Owen, Gollay, The O's, The Longshots, Space Cadet, Hourly Radio, Jetta in the Ghost Tree, Deep Blue Something, Shapescenes,
Listing created Aug 3, 2017